Power Flushing

At Eco Flush we can provide a professional Power Flushing service using the most advanced cleaning chemicals available. 

What is Power Flushing?

Power Flushing is a way of improving your central heating system and making it more energy efficient. The power-flushing procedure is detailed within BS 7593:2006 code of practice and is recognised by the industry as the most effective system cleansing process.

Power Flushing is recommended when a build-up of corrosion occurs in the heating system, which then creates a sludge like matter that will affect the efficiency of your boiler. 

Power Flushing is effectively a “deep clean” which loosens corrosion deposits and sludge and removes them from your system, leaving pipes and radiators clear and free and heating up your radiators properly. It can also significantly prolong the life of your new boiler.

Power Flushing Price List

  • Combi Systems: £280 (+VAT)
  • Unvented Systems: £300 (+VAT)
  • Vented Systems: £330 (+VAT)

All prices include the following:

  • 1st 5 radiators and £10 thereafter per radiator
  • All chemicals cleanser, neutralizer & Inhibitor
  • Free System Health Check
  • 1X Free Radiator Key Ring
  • Free Power Flush Certificate
*Prices may vary slightly depending on full site survey which will be carried out prior to work taking place

To discuss our Power Flushing service in more detail please contact us using the information below:

Tel: 07538 677546 or 07305 710401

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